Euroglot is translation software that helps you to accurately translate your documents. Unlike other translation software, Euroglot is based on a unique algorithm. The program treats words as more than just a collection of letters and instead collects concepts and underlying meanings, which are cross-linked in all available languages.

As with everything in this fast-paced world, language is susceptible to change. To keep track of these developments and incorporate them into our software, our in-house R&D department employs devoted language technology specialists. We’re convinced that, in the field of automatic translation, we can offer you the best. It’s time to experience this quality and convenience first-hand!

You may have experienced the problems that often come with conventional automatic translation. It results in poor word choices, yields incorrect grammar, and word order sometimes feels a little too messy. But Euroglot offers a solution! By recognizing underlying meanings, rather than just words, Euroglot brings your translations to a higher level.

We’re proud of the resulting high-quality translations, regardless of the complexity of the input. Language is so diverse and rich, all we have to do with it is play. For example, if Euroglot’s extensive dictionaries cannot instantly recognize a word, the program will look for parts of that word, meaning that new compounds are also easily found. In a world where international communication is key, Euroglot offers high-quality translation, better communication and improved efficiency for its users. We’re already convinced, so now it’s up to you; Will you choose quality and convenience?

In 1985, drs. L.A.A. Konst founded language technology company Linguistic Systems BV in the Netherlands. As a researcher at Radboud University Nijmegen, Konst developed applications that facilitated language processing in computers. It was his creative outlook on language that made Linguistic Systems into the company that supplies so many European companies, universities and governments with reliable translation software.

A lot has changed since then and we, too, can feel the influence of Google Translate and other free translation services. But there is still the distinction that is quality. We take pride and joy in being able to prove this, and it is at the heart of our customers’ experiences. In short, Linguistic Systems offers you the quality that you need, from dictionary to automatic translator!

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